Crime News Results near Criders, VA

  • Arrest


    600 block of stribling springs road, mt solon
    A 20 Year Old Person Was Arrested And Charged With 3 Counts) 19.2-123(D), Capias For Violating Conditions Of Bond. (3 Counts) 18.2-53.1/18.2-18, Accessory Before Use Of Firearm In Commission Of Felony (2 Counts) 18.2-51.2/18.2-18, Accessory Before Ag
  • Arrest


    1100 block of mount solon road, mt solon
    A 21 Year Old Person Was Arrested And Charged With (3 Counts) 18.2-53.1, Felony- Use, Attempt To Use, Or Display In A Threatening Manner A Firearm While Committing Or Attempting To Commit Aggravated Malicious Wounding. (2 Counts) 18.2-51.2, Felony- A
  • Shooting


    W water st/s willow st, harrisonburg
    Shots Fired
  • Assault


    00 block of n main st, jefferson county
    Domestic Dist
  • Assault


    2400 block of cave ridge rd, conicville, va
    Violent Crime. SCSO o/s of a male that attacked an officer w/ a knife, suspect tazed, now in custody
  • Shooting


    9800 block of massanutten ave, new market
    Shooting/Stabbing. SCSO o/s of a male with a GSW to the head, possibly self-inflected, patient deceased
  • Shooting


    5000 block of well hollow road, edom, va
    Shooting/Stabbing. Delayed: Units o/s of a person w/ a GSW, patient critical condition, unknown cause, helo transport
  • Assault


    Cross keys rd and port republic rd, massanetta springs, va
    Shooting/Stabbing. A409 transporting victim to RMH for helo transport, person w/ a stab wound, unknown further
  • Shooting


    4100 block of cromer rd, edom, va
    Shooting/Stabbing. A528 o/s w/ LE for a male with a self inflicted gun shot wound, Unit pronounce patient deceased
  • Shooting


    Sycamore ct and weeping willow ln, bridgewater
    Shooting/Stabbing. Units o/s of a patient with a GSW. Med helo to meet at the High School.